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Music Technology Consultation:

Today’s world of hi-tech music hardware and software is amazing. Now just about anyone can produce a high-quality recording with a computer, software, a hardware interface, a few decent microphones and a keyboard. However, more often then not, people tend to have problems getting a home studio up and functioning properly. Common issues are:

  • Difficulty in getting audio and MIDI connections to and from the computer.
  • Difficulty getting a good sound because of poor signal flow and gain structure.
  • Poor workflow.
  • Too much time spent on the technology and not enough on creativity.
  • General computer issues.

If any of these issues seem familiar, contact me. I can help you!

I have over 20 years of experience in the music industry and am currently a high-tech product specialist for Yamaha Corporation of America, a position I have held for almost 15 years. In 2004 Yamaha acquired Steinberg, and industry leading software company and the producer of the award-winning Cubase and Nuendo software products. My job is all about helping our customers and artist s with music production systems ranging from small home studios to multi-million dollar facilities. In addition to this experience, I worked for Microsoft Corporation as a producer or interactive music for MSN and lead a team of musicians and producers creating top-notch interactive musical content for MSN subscribers. I have extensive experience with many different hardware and software products and am at home with both Windows XP/Vista and Mac-based platforms.

I have worked with people of all experience levels from beginners to experts. I have conducted music technology training seminars and consultations with corporations, schools, music stores, and churches. I can help your music sound the absolute best, steer you towards the right products and help you design a great studio that enhances your creativity rather than stifles it. No problem is too great or too small!